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Discovering Slip

Discovering Slip is a one-day combined masterclass and workshop format suitable for beginners and intermediate potters interested in increasing their understanding and use of slips.

The Workshop

Gain an insight into the history of slip and explore how it is used by contemporary artists. Get ‘up close’ to artists work featuring different techniques.


Practise different techniques for applying slip, how to use raw and coloured slips, recipes for colour slips. Learn about different slips and how they respond in oxidation and reduction and with different glazes. 


Capture your own ideas for exploration. The content features demonstrations of different tools and techniques, combining slips with glazes based on the work of presenter Rosemary Irons, Mt Cooper Pottery.


Participants will try a range of slips and techniques on test tiles that will be fired by Warrandyte Pottery Studio.


What you receive

  • Hands on practice and test tiles to take home

  • Use of different tools, clays and slips

  • Recipes for coloured slips

  • Insights and inspiration from historical and contemporary work

  • Ideas for further exploration

  • Technical insights

What to bring


Note book and pen, apron optional for practice with slip, questions and curiosity

About the Presenter

Rosemary Irons from Mt. Cooper Pottery is an emerging maker who uses slips across functional ware and vessels in reduction and oxidation. 


An experienced trainer who has learnt from leading potters in Australia and internationally. Mt Cooper Pottery is sought out by chefs and food stylists and is stocked by The DEA Store in Sydney and Small Pieces Gallery, Melbourne.

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