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Mt Cooper Pottery


Mt Cooper Pottery is a new pottery studio located in Melbournes north and named for the nearby mountain; Mt Cooper – the traditional home of the Wurundjeri people.

Mt Cooper Pottery features functional ceramics inspired by architecture and the urban environment and the natural environment of Mt Cooper.


The incredible textures of redgum and eucalyptus trees and exposed volcanic rock has influenced the surfaces and choice of materials in this work. Surfaces can be smooth and silky or dry.


The bowls, beakers, cups, platters and plates has been created from my interest and delight in getting together with groups of people over shared dishes of food.

It has been exciting  to see this work embraced by chefs here and overseas, food stylists and valued customers.

Many of the pieces are designed to work together enabling the collector to express their own creativity by combining the unique pieces they collect together in their own home.


Combine unique pieces to create your own story.


Upcoming Event

ROsemary pottery.jpeg

Where to buy



Select items are on display and for sale at The DEA Store in Sydney.

Examples of our work

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